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Fang-chi Hsu, Ph.D.

Fang-chi Hsu, Ph.D.
Education & Training
  MS Natl Taiwan Univ College of Medicine-Taiwan 1995
  PhD Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health 2002
  Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health 2002
American Statistical Association
American Society of Human Genetics
Biometric Society
International Chinese Statistical Association


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Dr. Hsu's methodological research interests are in the development of statistical methods in genetic epidemiology and longitudinal data. Specifically, she has developed a statistical method to directly localize susceptibility genes via multipoint linkage disequilibrium mapping. Her current collaborative research focuses on the mapping of genes for complex traits including type II diabetes, stroke, and prostate cancer. Also she has been involved in few aging studies where she applies the statistical methods in observational and clinical trial studies.