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Stephen Bruce King, Ph.D.

Stephen Bruce King, Ph.D.
  • E-mail:
  • Phone Number: (336) 758-5774
  • Department: Chemistry


PhD., Cornell University
Post Doctoral, The Scripps Research Institute,
K. Barry Sharpless
Henry Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Award (1999-2004)
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Fellow (2001-2004)…


Recent Selected Publications (Since 2010)

Miller, G.D.; Marsh, A.P.; Dove, R.W.; Beavers, D.; Presley, T.; Helms, C.; Bechtold, E.; King, S.B.; Kim-Shapiro, D.B. ‚ÄúPlasma Nitrate and Nitrite are Increased by a High-Nitrate Supplement but not by High-Nitrate Foods in Older …


Research Description

Our research program focuses on understanding the redox chemistry responsible for biological activity. To achieve these research goals, we use a combination of synthetic and physical organic chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics to elucidate the identity, reactivity and effects …