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Yusuke Shiozawa, MD, PhD

Yusuke Shiozawa, MD, PhD

My primary professional goal is to become a leader in the field of translational cancer research, finding answers to specific questions about the bone marrow microenvironment’s role in the process of bone metastasis. I also plan to pursue research related to the pathobiology of cancer-related bone pain and cancer-related cachexia.

Along with continuing laboratory research, as a faculty member I want to provide learning opportunities for all levels of students and engage in collaborations, sharing resources, and scholarship. Specifically, I will continue to strive to train predoctoral and postdoctoral students in new approaches to prevent and treat metastatic diseases in the larger setting of health care. I find teaching and mentoring extremely rewarding.  Moreover, I feel that by inspiring the best in individuals I can contribute to patient care well beyond the immediate horizon.


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