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Daniel B Kim-Shapiro, Ph.D.

Daniel B Kim-Shapiro, Ph.D.
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  • Phone Number: (336) 758-4993
  • Department: Physics

Study the effects of Nitric Oxide bioavailability in health, disease and therapeutics.  We study how the important signaling molecule nitric oxide is compromised in various disease states like sickle cell disease, transfusion of old stored blood, and various cardiovascular disorders.  …



Chenell Donadee, Nicolaas J.H. Raat , Tamir Kanias, Jesús Tejero,Janet S. Lee,  Eric E. Kelley, Xuejun Zhao, Chen Liu, Hannah Reynolds, Ivan Azarov , Sheila Frizzel, E Michael Meyer, Albert D. Donnenberg, Lirong Qu, Darrel Triulzi,


Main Goal: My research focuses on understanding how blood flow is regulated, particularly by nitric oxide, nitrite and other nitrogen oxides. I rely on various forms of spectroscopy so I use light (including polarized light) to learn about biological structure …